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Radhika Apte in Vetriselvan

Radhika Apte, who is currently busy shooting with Ajmal for Rudhran's Vetri Selvan, seems to have learnt how to strike a balance between between her personal and professional life. She tells us that she's been quite busy recently with packed schedules, but admits she has balanced everything well.
"I have been travelling to different places for my films of late. I don't really enjoy the hectic schedules, but I am happy when everything works out," she says.

Taruni Sachdev in Vetriselvan

Taruni Sachdev, the 14-year-old actress, who died in a plane crash, was earlier roped in to play an important role in Vetri Selvan. She also completed shooting most of her part. When asked the director of the film, Rudhran, if those footages would be removed, he said, “No. It would be retained in the film as a remembrance of the prodigy. The rest of her part would be patched up during the post production.”
The young actress, who starred in Paa alongside Amitabh Bachchan and in many ads, lost her life in a plane crash, while coming from Nepal. Her mother too died in the tragic accident.

Bachelor's Party - by Amal Neerad

Directed by : Amal Neerad 

There is a certain amount of madness in this film.(amal neerad)

This film is definitely a trendy , stylish , action movie for the rebellious very open minded youngsters , with lots of punchy one-liners, sizzling item songs and dramatic gun shots This film may not satisfy a serious movie lover 

Amal Neerad has once again proved , there is no one to make more STYLISH movies than him .  

Bachelor Party is the story of  childhood buddies turned hit men squaring off against a malevolent gang boss. The movie is consistently engrossing and sometimes touching
Prithviraj and Remya Nambeesan have small but important roles to play.

I loved the cinematography , making style , the overall character styling ,and  its thundering music .The music and background score of the film are composed by Rahulraj.

The Title Graphics also needs a big applause .

Malayalam film Bachelor_Party_(2012_film) released in June 2012 is an uncredited remake of the film Exiled,2006 Hong Kong action crime drama film produced and directed by Johnnie To.